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i Table of Contents The Ambassadors REVIEW Fall 2009 T HE S TABILIZATION P ROCESS IN H AITI : A W ORK IN P ROGRESS 1 Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of MINUSTAH Hédi Annabi NATO’ S S URVIVAL D EPENDS ON A FGHANISTAN 7 Ambassador David M. Abshire I RAQ - T HE C ENTRAL B ATTLE L INE 11 Ambassador Samir S.M. Sumaida’ie D EALING WITH THE N ORTH K OREAN N UCLEAR I SSUE 14 Ambassador Donald P. Gregg R USSIA , THE U NITED S TATES , AND THE C HALLENGE OF G LOBAL N ONPROLIFERATION 18 Ambassador John Beyrle T HE C HINA -U NITED S TATES S TRATEGIC AND E CONOMIC D IALOGUE 22 Ambassador Zhou Wenzhong A FGHANISTAN : A T THE C ROSSROADS 25 Michael P. Cohn W HAT S S O S PECIAL A BOUT G HANA ? 31 Ambassador Donald Teitelbaum A S TRATEGIC V ISION FOR THE P ACIFIC 35 Ambassador C. Steven McGann B OSNIA : A C ULTURAL M OSAIC OF G
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Unformatted text preview: OTENTIAL 4 1 Ambassador Thomas P. Melady, Ph.D. A H ALF C ENTURY OF C ITIZEN D IPLOMACY : A U NIQUE P UBLIC-P RIVATE S ECTOR P ARTNERSHIP 46 Sherry Lee Mueller, Ph.D. The opinions expressed in these writings are the authors alone and do not necessarily represent the position of the Council of American Ambassadors. ii Addenda Statement 51 Officers of the Council of American Ambassadors 52 Directors of the Council of American Ambassadors 53 The Ambassadors REVIEW The Honorable Ogden Reid Editor A publication of the: Council of American Ambassadors 888 17 th Street, NW, #306 Washington, DC 20006-3312 Phone: 202.296.3757 • Fax: 202.296.0926 Email: [email protected]
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