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Spring 2010 The Ambassadors REVIEW 25 Spain-United States: A Strong Partnership Jorge Dezcallar Ambassador of Spain to the United States elations between Spain and the United States are rooted in historical ties that date back to 1778, when Spain provided military and financial assistance to the fledgling nation during the American War of Independence. Since that time and following several historical developments, Spain and the United States have become friends and allies. We share the same values; we deal with the same threats. Our strategic vision of the world is similar, and we work together to meet today’s global challenges. Over the years, the governments of both nations have undertaken extensive efforts to promote bilateral relations. The success of these efforts is manifested in the many agreements and high-level contacts and visits between Spain and the United States, as well as Spain’s acceptance of specific military commitments to contribute to world security and the fight against international terrorism. Evidence of the positive state of relations is the fact that, in recent months, the President of the Spanish government has met several times with President Obama, and King Juan Carlos I has paid His most recent visit to the White House on February 17, 2010. In the economic arena, Spanish investment in the United States reached US$ 38.66 billion in 2008. Spanish investment increased by 40.53 percent over 2007, and Spain now ranks ninth among foreign investors in the United States. According to US sources, commercial trade volume between the United States and Spain reached $16.61 billion in 2009 ($7.86 billion in Spanish exports and $8.75 billion in Spanish imports). Spain is number 29 on the list of all countries exporting to the United States and number 24 on the list of countries importing from the United States. Our bilateral relations are reinforced by the great demand in the United States for Spanish language and culture. To meet this growing demand, the Spanish government intends to promote the opening of new centers of the Instituto Cervantes in the United States. We also intend to sign more agreements with State Education Boards and encourage cooperation and exchange programs with American universities and research centers. Spain has an extra- ordinary opportunity to increase its presence in the United States in the economic, cultural and political arenas by developing relations with American Hispanic communities. These communities represent more than 42 million people—constituting the largest minority group in the United States—and are proving to be tremendously dynamic. Furthermore, Spain’s cultural ties and heritage complements America’s desire to see further integration of the Western Hemisphere in the global economy. Spain has traditionally been one of the most important sources of foreign investment in Latin America, i.e. the first in Europe and second in the world after the United States, and one of the few countries that has maintained that engagement during good and bad economic times. The United States can rely R
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f_0018768_16050 - Spain-United States: A Strong Partnership...

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