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Fall 2010 The Ambassadors REVIEW 1 Israel: Confronting Challenges and Reaping Success Michael B. Oren Ambassador of Israel to the United States of America rom the moment of its independence, the State of Israel has confronted seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Nevertheless, today it is home to one of the world’s most dynamic democracies, thriving economies, and innovative societies. Israel enjoys excellent relations with numerous nations across the globe, peace treaties with two of its Arab neighbors, Egypt and Jordan, and an unshakable alliance with the United States. Still, as 2011 approaches, Israel continues to face immediate threats to its security and a global assault on its legitimacy. Terrorist organizations—Hamas in Gaza and, in Lebanon, Hezbollah—have in recent years fired thousands of rockets at Israeli towns and villages. A thousand Israelis have been killed by suicide bombers and many thousands more maimed. Iran, the chief backer of these terrorists, is meanwhile striving to produce nuclear weapons—a project which, if completed, would enable President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to act on his declaration to “wipe Israel off the map.” A nuclear Iran could
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f_0019841_16911 - Israel Confronting Challenges and Reaping...

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