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Fall 2011 The Ambassadors REVIEW 33 Sweden Assumes the Chairmanship of the Arctic Council Gustaf Lind Ambassador to the Arctic Swedish Chairmanship of the Arctic Council weden assumed the chairmanship of the Arctic Council at its ministerial meeting in Nuuk, Greenland in May 2011 and will lead, over the next two years, its work on many important and challenging tasks. The Arctic Council is the primary forum for cooperation between the Arctic states. Sweden intends to make use of its chairmanship to undertake substantial projects for the benefit of the people of the Arctic, to introduce more policymaking in the Council and to strengthen further the role of the Council and the relevance of its work. The Arctic Council should reflect the common vision of the Arctic states in order to promote effective cooperation in the region. Despite challenges, cooperation in the Arctic is characterized by a low level of conflict and broad consensus. As Chair of the Arctic Council, Sweden wants to give priority to issues that will promote sustainable development in the Arctic region, in constructive cooperation between the Arctic states and with the involvement of the indigenous peoples of the region. Activities and cooperation in the Arctic must be based on international law, including UN conventions and other international agreements. As an Arctic country, Sweden is familiar with the challenges facing the Arctic region, its peoples, animals and flora. The Arctic is one of the most sensitive ecosystems in the world. Developments there have consequences on a global scale.
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f_0023441_19183 - Sweden Assumes the Chairmanship of the...

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