BUAD Vioxx Trials - BUAD 110 TO: Dr. Peter S. Kim,...

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BUAD 110 September 18, 2007 TO: Dr. Peter S. Kim, President of Research SUBJECT: Vioxx Clinical Trials We have been studying the data from the on-going clinical trial of the drug Vioxx on the effect the pill has on polyps in the colon. A sample of 2600 patients was taken. Half were administered Vioxx for their colon polyp symptoms and the other half were given a placebo. We have been using the data to determine not only the effect the drug has on these polyps, but also to gain a better understanding of the potential side effects of the drug, including cardiac incidents. The data demonstrates how many participants in the study showed improvement in the different areas that the drug targets, as well as the number of cases in which side effects occurred. The results of the clinical trial appear to indicate that Vioxx has a significant effect in terms of pain reduction, colon polyp reduction, and increased range of motion. Compared to the control group, which showed very little overall improvement in the
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BUAD Vioxx Trials - BUAD 110 TO: Dr. Peter S. Kim,...

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