Lit review Summary PART 2

Lit review Summary PART 2 - Article #2 Global...

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Unformatted text preview: Article #2 Global Neighborhoods: New Pathways to Diversity and Separation John R. Logan & Charles Zhang 2. Empirical Evidence: I. Trends in last 2-3 decades: (1980-2000) a) Areas with large share of blacks will likely to become all black areas. b) Greater ethnic/racial diversity is more likely to be associated with loss of whites than blacks. But sometimes whites, blacks, Hispanics and Asians can coexist, which adds some evidence on the possibility of stable integration. c) All-white tracts are in decline: there are two paths of change. One path adds an Asian or a Hispanic presence. The other adds blacks, alone or in combination with other minorities. II. Decline of black-white segregation between 1980-2000: Immigration diminishes the color line in the metropolis, which means the all- white neighborhood is becoming the past. High levels of segregation, esp. between whites and blacks still exist. a) Does it also happen in Hispanic/Asian neighborhood? Not mentioned b) Other ethnic groups? Not mentioned III. Stability: a) Evidence showing R & E diverse groups are inherently unstable. Whites continue to leave the area with increasing population growth of blacks, Hispanics and Asians. b) Which type of neighborhoods more likely to be unstable over time? b.i. Mix of R & E before accounting for socioeconomic status.- The neighborhood with high shares of Hispanics, blacks and Asians (esp. Hispanics), high percentage of foreign born population is more likely to lose whites. - The neighborhood which already had black population is more likely to attract blacks, regardless of the Hispanic or Asian presence....
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Lit review Summary PART 2 - Article #2 Global...

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