Heminger lecture reflection 11'16'11

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David Coffman Heminger lecture 11/16/11 Heminger focused his lecture on crude oil . He started his lecture very broad discussing where the majority of oil comes from . Obviously the Middle East is known to have one of the largest supplies of crude oil, but he also went into great detail about the large amount of oil being produced in Canada . Canada could help the United States decrease their dependence on oil from the Middle East . Canada has just as much oil as huge oil provider Saudi Arabia . The problem is Canada’s oil is classified as heavy oil . Heavy oil produces more emissions then light sweet oil of the Middle East . Heminger argued though that the amount of energy that is needed to transport oil from the Middle East is equal to the extra emissions that heavy oil emits . He states that a new more advanced system of pipelines can be built to help transport oil from Canada to the United States . He also discussed the emergence of a new technology that would allow oil companies to get to more oil faster
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