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REFLECTION PAPERS FOR FSB EXECUTIVE SPEAKER SERIES LECTURES 1. Each executive speaker who comes to the Farmer School of Business provides his/her unique perspective on the business environment, the industry in which s/he works, and words of advice to current students. As you listen to each speaker, take notes so that you can identify the key points in the presentation. Consider how the key points in the presentation tie into your interests, your decision to be a business student, and the concepts in BUS 101. 2. Write a short (1 page, single-spaced) reflection. The first paragraph of your paper should summarize the key points that the speaker made, including specific ties to course concepts and content. The second paragraph should address what your thoughts were about the speaker’s message. What are you taking away from this?
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Unformatted text preview: Has the speakers message made you think differently about business? Or some industry? Or some preparation that you should do as you move through the business school? Papers are to be turned into the electronic drop box Under Assignments on Niihka. Changing of crude oil Ohio was largest producer of crude oil at turn of century Different types of crude oil o Light sweet oil mostly in middle east, eastern part of the u.s o Tapping into old reservoirs and getting the rest of the oil New basins are being found with mass amounts of oil New Technology will be able to produce more barrels per day Ohio may have new field that has more barrels then all other refineries in ohio combined This can completely transform ohios economic status Canada has tons of oil, and big growth in oil sands....
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