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Welcome to Business 102 , Writing for Business Decision Making and Miami University All assignments for the course will be submitted through Turn-It-In on the course blackboard site. Students taking this course agree that all required papers will be submitted to Turn-It-In for detection of plagiarism. To make sure everyone knows how to submit an assignment using Turn-It-In, I created a test assignment. Before class the week of August 29, go to the assignment folder, and select the "Test Turn-It-In Assignment." In the upper left hand corner where it says “submit a paper by:” Upload this document into the system. You must upload, NOT cut and paste to maintain the structure and format of the document. Make sure you get a confirmation in your gradebook, or via email, that you submitted the assignment (if you didn’t, you didn’t do it correctly). I will NOT be reading the assignments so please don't add anything else to
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Unformatted text preview: your submission. If you are having trouble submitting your assignment to Turnitin (it asks you for a password you don't have, etc.) I have the following suggestions: 1) Try using a different internet browser (I have had the most success using Mozilla Firefox on PCs (free download available), and either Firefox or Safari on Macs. 2) Try using an on campus computer (in King Library or the Farmer School of Business) to submit your assignment. This should fix most problems. THE SYLLABUS AND DAILY SCHEDULE, IS POSTED ON BLACKBOARD UNDER COURSE DOCUMENTS. PLEASE REVIEW THE SYLLABUS BEFORE THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS. BRING A HARD COPY OF BOTH DOCUMENTS TO OUR FIRST CLASS, AS I WILL NOT BE PROVIDING THEM IN CLASS. My email address is [email protected] I look forward to seeing you in class this week. I hope you had a great summer. Ms. Finnerty...
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