Water - b.iii.2.a Stimulate metabolic activity b.iii.2.b...

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Water Introduction: - Trout stream (nice water) - Cess pool (sewer water) - Male = 55% - Female =higher concentration at 60% because of fat tissue (sphere shaped) o When reached puberty, spheres grow and less water is able to flow through spheres than when sphere are smaller A) Function a. Hydrates our cells to have turgor b. Transport= cell dialogues with other cells to transport needs to other cells c. Lubrication for synovial fluid to move joints properly(injuries, arthritis) d. Temperature regulation e. Chemical reactions (hydrolysis= to break down complicated compounds) B) Distribution a. Intracellular fluid a.i. Inside of cells a.ii. Hydrates cells 25 L (+,-) b. Extra Cellular Fluid b.i. Outside of cells in Blood= plasma and lymph 7 L (+,-) b.ii. Digestive juices 4 L b.iii. * Interstitial fluid 10 L b.iii.1. Water space between cells b.iii.2. Target of pill
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Unformatted text preview: b.iii.2.a. Stimulate metabolic activity b.iii.2.b. Artificial burst b.iii.2.c. Interrupt as suppressant for appetite C) H2O Balance 3L Input= -gained by consuming fluids 1 ½ L-solid foods (meat) 1 L-water of metabolism (comes from oxygen combining with hydrogen) ½ L Output=-kidney 1 ½ L-skin 1 L-feces ¼ L-exhaling ¼ L D) H2O imbalance a. Dehydration (too little) a.i. Bleeding a.ii. Fever (elevates temp. and causes sweat) a.iii. Vomit a.iv. Diarrhea a.v. Dyuria (too much urine lost) a.v.1. Urinary tract a.v.2. kidney infection b. Edema (too much water) b.i. Nutrient deficiency (bloating stomach in children) b.ii. Beri beri b.iii. Organ failure (kidney failure) b.iv. Medication (steroids) b.v. Psychopolydipsia (uncontrollable urge to consume water) b.vi. Electrolyte imbalance (sodium)...
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Water - b.iii.2.a Stimulate metabolic activity b.iii.2.b...

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