Proteins - Glycine b.ii.2.c.ix. Proline b.ii.2.c.x. Serine...

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Proteins 1. Proteins = Overused, most expensive, and causes advancement of age in liver and kidney a. Intro: CHO and NITROGEN b. Chemistry b.i. Amino acids b.i.1. 20 AA b.i.2. Building blocks of different proteins b.ii. Essential vs. non-essential (Amino Acids) b.ii.1. Essential (9) b.ii.1.a. Needed for health b.ii.1.b. If AA not taken, body can steal protein and change it b.ii.1.c. Can ruin body b.ii.1.d. 9 types are: b.ii.1.d.i. histidine b.ii.1.d.ii. isoleucine b.ii.1.d.iii. leucine b.ii.1.d.iv. lysine b.ii.1.d.v. methionine phenylalanine b.ii.1.d.vii. threonine b.ii.1.d.viii. tryptophan b.ii.1.d.ix. valine b.ii.2. Non-essential (11) b.ii.2.a. Needed but if missing then can convert AA into needed b.ii.2.b. Liver b.ii.2.c. 11 types are: b.ii.2.c.i. Alanine b.ii.2.c.ii. Arginine b.ii.2.c.iii. Asparagines b.ii.2.c.iv. Aspartic acid b.ii.2.c.v. Cysteine Glutamic acid b.ii.2.c.vii. Glutamine b.ii.2.c.viii.
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Unformatted text preview: Glycine b.ii.2.c.ix. Proline b.ii.2.c.x. Serine b.ii.2.c.xi. tyrosine b.ii.3. Complete vs. incomplete protein b.ii.3.a. Complete protein b.ii.3.a.i. Has all essential AA b.ii.3.a.ii. Examples: b.ii.3.a.ii.1. Animal b.ii.3.a.ii.2. Egg white b.ii.3.a.ii.3. Milk b.ii.3.a.ii.4. Fish/canned fish b.ii.3.b. Incomplete b.ii.3.b.i. Found in plants b.ii.3.b.ii. Vegans are able to combine legumes, nuts and seeds and whole grain together in the same meal to create a complete protein! 2. Function(s) a. Forms enzyme(s) aka catalyst b. Forms majority hormones, some are sterol c. Forms antibodies d. Forms connective tissue and contractive tissue(skeletal/voluntary muscle) e. Form pigments vital for survival e.i. Myoglobin provides passageway for oxygen to get to organ f. Provides energy f.i. Proteins burn a dirty fuel...
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Proteins - Glycine b.ii.2.c.ix. Proline b.ii.2.c.x. Serine...

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