Carbohydrates - Carbohydrates (Carbohydrates are made of...

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Carbohydrates (Carbohydrates are made of CH20) 1. Intro a. Chemistry a.i. Types a.ii. Monosaccharide (simple sugars) a.ii.1. Glucose (found in blood) a.ii.2. Fructose (found in fruit, vegetables, and honey) a.ii.2.a. Liver changes fructose into glucose for body cells to recognize a.ii.3. Galactose (milk derived sugar) a.iii. Disaccharides (double sugars(two simple sugars combined)) a.iii.1. All sugar return into glucose form for body to use a.iii.2. G+G = maltose and H2O (malt sugar) a.iii.3. G+F = sucrose and H2O (table sugar) a.iii.4. G+Gal = lactose and H2O (milk sugar) a.iv. Polysaccharides (Complex Carbs) a.iv.1. G+G+G+etc= starch and H2O (produced by plants) a.iv.2. G+G+G+etc= glycogen and H2O (produced by animals) is animal starch 2. Deritives and substitues 3. Carbohydrates in a diet a. Daily Vale 2000 k cal b. Daily Vaule c. 1 g= 4 kilocalories (k-calo) c.i. Should be 60% in diet c.ii. Average American c.ii.1. Carbs = decreased 50% c.ii.2. Lipids =decreased 40% c.ii.3. Protein = increased 15-20%
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Carbohydrates - Carbohydrates (Carbohydrates are made of...

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