Unit 3 - Unit 3 1 Invention of the automobile a Inventors...

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Unit 3 1. Invention of the automobile a. Inventors working on self-propelled vehicles throughout 19 th century b. Vehicles had to be supplied with battery c. 19 th century = internal combustion engine d. Automobile developed in Detroit d.i. A lot of skilled workers d.ii. Ready supplied workers d.iii. Tried many experiences to create diff. ways of transportation d.iii.1. Steam d.iii.2. Electricity d.iv. Over 300 companies relating to the automobile e. Buick and creation of GM e.i. William C. Durant e.i.1. Owned carriage corp. e.i.2. Made money from blue ribbon carriage in 19 th century e.i.3. Carriage company buys out car company which is called “Buick” by owned by David Buick e.i.3.a. Invented process to enamel e.i.3.b. Plumbing e.ii. Buick e.ii.1. Sold in 1899 e.ii.2. Went into debt and sells to Durant e.ii.3. Durant would pay for debts in exchange for stock e.ii.4. Buick becomes officer for Buick comp e.ii.5. 37 Buicks produced by 1904 e.ii.6. Research and development started to become wasteful since so very little Buicks were made e.ii.7. Buick almost fails e.ii.8. Durant brings Buick with impressive engine to auto show and it becomes well liked in 1904 e.ii.9. Durant ends up with 1,100 cars wanted f. Good engines are wanted this time because f.i. Bad roads which in 1920 will change into better roads f.ii. Mail transportation g. When Buick is short of supplies to build Buicks, Durant goes and gets support and help from other corps in MI h. Buick changes name to General Motors in 1908 when merged with Oldsmobile h.i. Rancin Olds gets kicked out of Oldsmobile and Oldsmobile is given to GM i. Durant gets kicked out of GM in 1910 i.i. Money loss i.ii. Leaves and forms other companies j. Chevrolet j.i. Racer Chevrolet builds racing car for Durant j.ii. Durant shows it off and makes money
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j.iii. Takes back GM with money in 1916 j.iv. Reorganizes Chevrolet to $80,000,000 stock j.v. Makes share from $82 - - > $558 in 1915 k. Puts Walter G. Chrysler in charge of Buick l. Chrysler makes money and creates Chrysler Motor Company in 1920 m. GM buys Chrysler comp. with stock n. Durant and his wife gets pushed out in 1920 due to stock shortage and debts n.i. Forms Durant Motor Comp. in 1936 but Great depression occurs and he ends up losing everything n.ii. In 1940, he then invest in restaurant serving hamburgers but dies o. Henry Ford o.i. Almost sold Ford Comp. to Durant but refused o.i.1. Durant wanted stocks o.i.2. Was in debt o.ii. Ford Comp. o.ii.1. Ford Comp. was not first car comp. by HF o.ii.2. HF Company would be owned by Henry Leland and then is named Cadillac? o.ii.3.
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Unit 3 - Unit 3 1 Invention of the automobile a Inventors...

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