Unit 2 notes - Notes unit 2 1 Homes design a Only wealthy...

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Notes unit 2 1. Homes design a. Only wealthy had style in homes b. Poor did not care for stylish homes but only desired a functional home b.i. Tried to emulate style in ways b.ii. Couches b.iii. Tables, etc. c. Architecture of the houses before the war was mostly Greek revival = ideas and styles based from Greek classic styles. d. Frontier architecture d.i. Log cabins d.ii. No style d.iii. Functional d.iv. Came from German and Scandinavia e. 1820 e.i. Americans interested in high style architecture e.ii. Greek/roman classical arch e.ii.1. New York e.ii.1.a. Lage furniture Co. e.ii.1.b. Sold Grecian furniture/ empire and sofa’s e.ii.1.c. Greek homes died out due to inflation which was called the butcher boom e.ii.2. Books in the 19 th centaury allowed people to build houses Greek style e.ii.2.a. Architects wrote books f. 1870 f.i. Italian style came about ( grant style) f.ii. The queen Anne also developed 2. Bicycles a. Late 19 th centaury bikes were exciting a.i. Personal transportation a.ii. Deemed as important a.iii. Helped farmers get around a.iv. Healthy people were able to use bikes only a.v. Has been around since the 18 th century a.vi. Was drawn as an ideal by Da Vinci. b. Bikes looks b.i. Not practical at first b.ii. People had to use their feet b.iii. Began to have pedals as time went on b.iv. The problem with bikes was the difficult road b.iv.1. High wheels became an invention that was used by athletic and healthy people who had balance b.iv.2. Was very tall and difficult to ride b.v. Was mainly driven by young men b.vi. Women wore dresses and did not ride bike
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c. Safety c.i. Bikes had different looks depending on gender c.i.1. Men had bar on bike c.i.2. Women had no bars on bikes because they wore dresses c.ii. The safety bike was a more practical bike for people c.iii. Became very popular c.iv. Expands crazy c.v. Wanted in 1880’s and 1890’s c.vi. Used instead of horses d. Wright Brothers d.i. Invented own bike d.ii. Sold in shop e. Women’s Christian temperance union were happy with bikes e.i. Felt that it made men stop drinking because they were able to find a hobby of biking. e.ii. But really, men were riding from tavern to tavern to drink. HA! XD f. Biking had a club house in cities and became famous g. Biking bought the Good Roads Movement g.i. Less cars g.ii. More bikes g.iii. Bikers needed better roads to travel g.iv. People demanded Gov. for better roads h. Bike racing was very popular as well 3. President Garfield a. 2 nd president to be shot a.i. Was on vacation a.ii. Killed by a rejected political job killer from the spoiled system b. Due to this congress passes the Civil Service Act b.i. Within 4 months he was shot in his term b.ii. Graham bell used the metal detector to find the bullet but springs in the bed interfered 4. Election of 1880 a. 19 th centaury politics played a larger role b. Political bosses controlled parties c. Politest were like movie starts today d. Australian ballot/ secret ballot were being held e. Spoil system
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Unit 2 notes - Notes unit 2 1 Homes design a Only wealthy...

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