19th centaury - 1 Moving people to the west without local...

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1. Moving people to the west without local transportation would have been super hard in 19 th centaury a. Plains b. Dry 2. Native American tribe respected land and nature a. US had problems with NA and government negotiate treaty with NA to own land while NA moved b. Indian war erupts 3. NA depended on buffalo and bison a. Bison was exterminated in 1870 b. 4 million was killed off by hunters to eliminate them for room for farmers and to harm Indians 4. NA was forced into reservations a. Treaties that were made were broken and changed b. NA had to become farmers 5. Congress made treaty with NA to provide NA with needs if agreed to treaty a. Food, clothes, etc b. Congress however cuts off food supply and Indians began to starve c. Creates hostility towards whites 6. NA children were removed by reservations to go to boarding school a. NA were not allowed to teach kids about their hostility 7. Sand Creek Massacre occurred in December 1864 in Colorado a. Union soldiers attacked Indians at night while they were sleeping and killed them b. Government condemned them c. Made into monument 8. Battle of Little Big Horn a. Area of Black Hills (Montana, Nevada) b. Indian area due to negotiation c. Gold is found there d. White settlers and Gen. George Custer is sent to confirm gold. e. NA sends petition to remove whites but gov. refuses f. Custer attacks NA on June 17 or June 26? g. NA was led by Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull g.i. 1800 people that attacked southern Calvary (600 men) unit 7 g.ii. NA wins h. 1877 invokes treaty and takes back the land i. NA then become forced to end fighting i.i. Not enough time to feed family, hold responsibility and fight 9. Wounded Knee Massacre a. 1877 Dawes Act is passed by Congress b. Regain NA land made by treaty c. Fed Gov. divides land and gives to NA 80 acres of land and NA is given American Citizen c.i. Wanted to break up Indian nations c.ii. Take away big land in exchange for smaller land d. NA tries to flee reservation in 1880 e. Does ghost dance e.i. Traditional ceremony to bring back dead relatives and rid the white people of the Indian land e.ii. Freaks out white settlers e.iii. Army comes
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f. 1890, Fed Rounds up NA in reservations f.i. Army surrounds reservations using Hatching Guns f.ii. Disarmed NA but an elderly man was deaf and did not understand what was happening, he was deaf. f.iii. Fighting begins and frantic ensues. f.iv. 2/3 of NA women and children are murdered f.v. Women and children try to flee f.vi. Troops with hotchkin guns pack and kills women and children 10. Hispanic Americans a. Lived in southwest b. Controlled 300,000 mill acres c. White territory begins to form 11. Congress makes law that Hispanic land is no longer claimed by H and takes away land a. H loses wealth b. H only is able to keep houses c. Ranches and land is taken away d. Becomes 2 nd class citizens and own country
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19th centaury - 1 Moving people to the west without local...

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