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Bad Report Sample - M/M/s Queues report Theresa M Roeder...

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M/M/s Queues report Theresa M. Roeder M/M/ S Q UEUES Executive Summary In this report, we use an event graph simulation in SIGMA to find how many servers are needed to keep the queue from growing unbounded. Queueing systems are very common in industry, and finding the right number of servers will help cut costs by preventing us from having too many or too few. Introduction Many industrial systems can be modeled as queueing systems. Finding the right number of servers to serve all the customers is an important aspect of analyzing queueing systems. In this report, we study a queueing system with lambda = 2 and mu = 10 to see how many servers we need. If we have too many servers, they will be being paid for doing no work and might become unhappy. If we have too few servers, they will be overworked and will likely become disgruntled employees and leave. If the customer arrivals change (become faster or slower), the number of servers will likely change also. Other options are to try to control customer arrivals through use of advertising or giving customers the opportunity to make appointments. Server training could also be used to change the average time it takes a server to process a customer. However, if we cannot control either of those and are just given the numbers we currently have, we must find an optimal number of servers for the current situation. We use the event graph below to set up our experiment.
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Bad Report Sample - M/M/s Queues report Theresa M Roeder...

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