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Executive Summary Samples - DS 408 Spring 2012 College of...

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DS 408 College of Business, SFSU Spring 2012 Theresa M. Roeder Sample Executive Summaries Page 1 Executive Summary Examples Time series project: This project performs an exploratory data analysis on Franz Schubert’s Impromptu in A-flat major, Op. 90, Number 4. The piece is considered in the score representation, in which the written music is directly translated into data. We find that the piece can be decomposed into three sections based on the frequencies of the notes being played as well as the number of notes played per measure. There are strong relationships between the six voices being played, regardless of whether missing values in the voices are filled in with values randomly selected from among existing notes, or whether they are treated as rests. Missing values occur when less than 6 notes are played at one time. Spectral analysis quantitatively shows the periodicities that are evident from looking at the score or listening to the piece. An ARIMA( p,d,q ) model is fit with mixed success. Data Analysis Project: The purpose of this study was to analyze whether a student’s regular attendance of Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions for freshman calculus at CWRU influenced the student’s final grade in the course. The analysis has shown that for engineering courses, attending SI sessions seems to have had a positive impact. Here, a student’s performance on a diagnostic test and the number of SI session attended were the most consistent predictors among the available candidates. However,
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Executive Summary Samples - DS 408 Spring 2012 College of...

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