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Sample Project Proposal - 1 Project Proposal Optimizing the...

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1 Project Proposal: Optimizing the Essentials of a Supermarket Executive Summary Supermarkets experience large volumes of customers on a regular basis, and managers are the key people responsible in ensuring productivity; management goals include increasing revenues well as cutting costs. Revenues can be increased by improving customer satisfaction, which is accomplished by scheduling additional workers to lower waiting times. However, increasing personnel is accompanied by higher costs, and a manager must be able to balance these costs and benefits. The main purpose of this project is to assist the manager in scheduling the appropriate numbers of various personnel in order to ensure maximum profit. Sigma will be used to simulate the events within a supermarket, and Excel will be used to optimize figures. Our model includes setting a control for customer waiting time, and a process of prioritizing jobs in order to respond to the most important tasks. This project is designed to benefit managers, and will help them in accomplishing their objectives. Businesses will be able to earn more money by satisfying customers, and save money by scheduling only needed personnel. In addition, the data generated by this project will allow managers to set benchmarked tracking systems, which can then be used for planning and setting internal controls. Managerial responsibility and challenges
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Sample Project Proposal - 1 Project Proposal Optimizing the...

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