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Syllabus - DS 408 Spring 2012 College of Business SFSU...

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DS 408 College of Business, SFSU Spring 2012 Theresa M. Roeder Syllabus Page 1 DS 408 Computer Simulation Course Goals This course is an introductory course in computer simulation. Students will learn different types of models and modeling, and gain experience in building simulation models. They will learn the fundamentals of input and output modeling, and to critically analyze simulation experiments. Students will gain significant experience in communicating business scenarios, analyses, and solution recommendations. Prerequisites: DS 212, ISYS 263. Highly recommended: completing DS 412 and/or DS 601 before taking this class. Text SIGMA manual (available online for free, see iLearn for details) Computer packages Microsoft Excel (available in lab), Arena (CD provided in class), SIGMA (available for download online) Grades Peer Evaluations 5% Participation 10% In-Class Quizzes 15% Exercises/Homework 25% Presentation 5% Reports 10% Remaining 10% Final Project 45% Proposal 10% Status Report 5% Final Report 15% Presentation 15% Your final grade will be based on your relative class standing. Important dates Homework report 1 February 20, 2012 Project proposal March 15, 2012 Homework report 2 April 9, 2012 Project status report April 23, 2012 Project presentation/ project report due May 14, 2012 Instructor Theresa M. Roeder Email [email protected] Office BUS 205A Office hours Monday 2pm 4pm, Tuesday 11am 12noon, Thursday 7:30am 8am and 11am 12noon; or by appointment IM MSN/Gmail/Jabber: [email protected]; AIM: ProfRoeder Phone 415-405-2423 Fax 415-405-0364
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DS 408 College of Business, SFSU Spring 2012 Theresa M. Roeder Syllabus Page 2 Course Policies The goal of the course is for students to become familiar with computer simulation as a management tool. As with many computer applications, building and analyzing
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