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February 2009 DS Department Meeting Özgür Özlük HIGHLIGHTS FROM EDWARD TUFTE PRESENTATION ON PRESENTATION Advice for giving a talk or paper: 1. Near the beginning of the presentation, tell the audience: The problem Its importance Your solution 2. To explain complex ideas or data sets, use PGP Particular General Particular 3. Give paper handouts packed with relevant material 4. Analyze the details of your presentation; then master those details by practice. 5. Show up early 6. Finish early. Principles of Analytic Design 1. Show comparisons, contrasts, differences 2. Show causality, mechanism, explanation, structure 3. Show multivariate data 4. Integrate words, numbers, images, diagrams Strongly contrasting objects will vibrate. 5. Provide documentation Put your name on your work: this increases credibility and help you establish/maintain a
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