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DS 408 College of Business, SFSU Spring 2012 Theresa M. Roeder Week 1 Worksheet Page 1 W EEK 1 W ORKSHEET If we did not cover all the necessary material in class, you need not do the problem. (It will be on next week’s set.) You may work in groups of up to 4 students. All problems are taken from Seila et al., Applied Simulation Modeling , 2003. Your worksheet answers are due via iLearn by January 30, 2012 . Describe a problem you have encountered in the past, either at work or at school, which could have benefited from simulation analysis. Why would the analysis have been beneficial? The following is a sketch of a model of the deli counter in a large grocery store. The counter has three employees who serve customers. Customers may request two types of items: prepared foods such as salads and precut meats and cheeses, and unprepared foods such as meats and cheeses that must be sliced. Waiting customers are served in the order they arrive. Service times depend on how many of the prepared foods and how many of
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