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My Diet Synopsis

My Diet Synopsis - J Michael Lindle June 4 th 2010 Gary...

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J. Michael Lindle June 4 th 2010 Gary Odolecki Formal Analysis and Synopsis of My Diet As an athlete, it is crucial for me to have a balanced diet. For years I thought nothing about the food that I was putting into my diet. My general eating habits were defined by whatever my fridge or cupboard contained. Throughout the years I have been putting the good, the bad, and the ugly into my body and now as I reach my adult stage in life I am starting to real- ize what I should eat, and what I shouldn’t eat. My basic eating schedule over the course of my recorded week is an accurate depiction of what I usually put into my body on a weekly basis. My eating schedule for the school week is very basic: every morning before school, I grab a Dannon Frusion Yogurt and a Nature Valley Sweet and Salty Peanut granola bar. For lunch, I either buy a slice of pizza, bring a brown bag lunch (this happens most days), or go out for lunch (this rarely happens). After school, I went to Dan’s house so we could get ready for crew practice. One day when we were getting ready for crew, we realized that we were both incredibly hungry. This is when we realized that his house is a gold mine for snacking and grazing; I’m talking about chewy bars, peanut butter, mixed nuts, cookies, ice cream bars. It was like a dream come true. After crew I would usually come home and either eat dinner, or drink a protein shake. On days where I drank the protein shake, I would eat dinner later on in the night. My dinner schedule really depended on what time I got home from the river. On the weekends my diet is somewhat similar. When I can, I get a breakfast sandwich from a bagel shop. On Saturdays I have an early practice so I typically grab a granola bar as I am running out the door, and later on have a brunch sort of meal. On Sundays during the spring I usually have a regatta, however the Sunday I have logged in my charts I had a practice. Typically at regattas I eat a lot of food, because racing takes a lot out of you. Unfortunately my week does not contain a ‘regatta snacking’ day. However it is for the best, because a typical day at a regatta
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J. Michael Lindle June 4 th 2010 Gary Odolecki is not part of my weekly eating habits. I have maybe 5 regattas a year and I specifically chose a consecutive week where I would not have a regatta overlap my eating logs. I snack, I eat, and I love it. One of the reasons why I love doing crew and I love running cross country is because they are, among others, some of the most physically draining sports you could do. Either sport is a full body workout that leaves you tired and hungry. This is where my favorite part comes into play. I love being able to eat on command, whatever I want in the house, when I want it. As an athlete, it is my job to replenish the nutrients that my body needs. The sen- sation of hunger, the feeling of emptiness is your body telling you that it needs more, and I give it just that. I have realized that I am thankful that my mom buys healthier snacks, or else I would
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My Diet Synopsis - J Michael Lindle June 4 th 2010 Gary...

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