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Read Minds - assess every aspect Having the ability to fly...

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Would I rather be able to fly or read minds? That is such an interesting question. Since when is either possible? Or in this hypothetical circumstance, does the lack of our technology or understanding on either of these really matter? No. It doesn’t, but what does matter is how you approach this question. It’s important to figure out what you’ll be using either power for, will you be saving people, will you use it for capital gain, will you solely try to impress other people, or are you not going to publicize you power–avoiding becoming a sheer modern marvel sub- ject to governmental testing and probing. Before answering the question, you need to
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Unformatted text preview: assess every aspect. Having the ability to fly is probably dangerous, non-discrete, but most importantly, fun. On the other hand, being granted with the ability to read minds is not noticeable and can lead to things such as relative ease in gambling and potentially gaining either governmental intel or terrorist plots. At the very basic level, I would definitely want to be able to read minds because it is a very easy thing to conceal, a fortune could be made in the gambling industry, and you could gain vast knowledge about things that regular humans simply would not have access to....
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