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7 BlackBoard UW Seminar Disability

7 BlackBoard UW Seminar Disability - When entering room 308...

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When entering room 308, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. I attended the Disability Support Services DIscussion Session 1 and there were some very interesting topics covered. The first topic that was brought up was the controversial issue of accommodation for the disabled. Keeping in mind the focal point in this academic setting was providing additional resources for students who are academically or mentally disabled, despite the level of extremity. Is it unfair to provide Disability Support Services to the impaired, does it offer an advantage, or does it level the playing field compared to other students within the University? It is still an open topic however it was decided that students with mental impairments should receive "Alternative Assistance". This is a supplementary program that provides help, acts as academic coaching, and provides students with disabilities the tools and resources they need to succeed. Some
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