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8 BlackBoard Peer Review - This advice was very valuable...

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Without Nate's peer review, I would have missed some key points in this assignment. He really helped to contextualize my paper when he said, "You have a few too many assumptions in this paper such as “the united states could be seen as an innovator in the field.” PROVE IT. Give me a statistic that shows how much we invest and innovate in the field of biofuel". I was looking at this assignment as more of a persuasive essay and not necessarily a statistical analysis. Nate made me feel comfortable with the idea that it can be both! It's not a matter of following a preexisting format, it's about having the reader understand the topic.
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Unformatted text preview: This advice was very valuable. Furthermore, he want on to say that I needed "more quotes from scientists, biofuel experts, and the leaders in renewable energy. Several times in this paper you are taking the statistics and then making assumptions." Which is definitely true. I've sort of been reporting a fair amount of the information in my paper from personal knowledge so I sort of forgot to include some of the more basic sources that explain and introduce newer concepts to others. Overall, I had a very positive experience with my first peer review session and I am looking forward to completing more in the future!...
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