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Assignment VI: Virtual Vacation Objective In this series of assignments, you have been creating an application that lets you browse photos posted on Flickr. In this ±nal installment, you will use what you have built so far to allow your user to build a “virtual vacation” by visiting photos from around the world. The primary work to be done in this assignment is to use CoreData to build a database of photos organized by vacation which the user can peruse and search. Be sure to check out the Hints section below! Also, check out the latest in the Evaluation section to make sure you understand what you are going to be evaluated on with this assignment. Materials • The class CoreDataTableViewController is provided. A new version of FlickrFetcher is also available and is necessary for this assignment. • You will still need your Flickr API key . CS193P IOS APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT FALL 2011 PAGE 1 OF 10 ASSIGNMENT VI: VIRTUAL VACATION
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Required Tasks This application lets the user assemble a Virtual Vacation of places in the world to visit. Users will use the photo-choosing capabilities of your Fast Map Places application to choose photos in the places they want to go. In this application you will have two major tasks: allowing the user to choose where they want to go and allowing the user to "go on vacation" in their Virtual Vacation spots. You will accomplish the former by adding a "Visit/Unvisit" button to the scenes in your Fast Map Places where a photo is displayed. You will accomplish the latter by adding a new tab to your Tab Bar Controller which lets the user peruse their Virtual Vacation either by place or by searching for tags that were found in the Flickr dictionaries for the photos they chose to visit. 1. Add a new tab to your application that displays a new table view controller showing a list of all the "Virtual Vacations" found in the user's Documents directory in their sandbox. A Virtual Vacation ±le is created by saving a UIManagedDocument (more on this below). Each vacation must have it’s own separate ±le in the Documents directory. 2. When the user chooses a Virtual Vacation from the list, bring up a static table view with two choices: Itinerary and Tag Search. 3. The Itinerary tab must show a list of all the places where photos in the chosen Virtual Vacation have been taken (sorted with ±rst-visited ±rst). Clicking on a place will show all the photos in the Virtual Vacation taken in that place. The place name should be the one returned by getting the new FLICKR_PHOTO_PLACE_NAME key in the Flickr photo dictionaries you retrieve from the photosInPlace:maxResults: method. You will need to use the new FlickrFetcher code available with this assignment. Use only the place’s name (as returned the the FLICKR_PHOTO_PLACE_NAME key) to determine what the place is (i.e. ignore things like the Flickr place id). 4. The Tag Search tab must bring up a list of all the tags found in all the photos that the
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