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bioTest_3_notes_(Chapter_29_and_30) - Chapter 29 and 30...

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Chapter 29 and 30 Plant o photosynthetic o have plastids o Autotropics o have chlorophyll a and b o carotenoids o large central cauole o multicellular eukaryotes o alternation of generations o interior cell plate formation during cytokinesis o cell walls of cellulose The vacuole holds water for later Chloroplast o has two membranes o the disk like figures are membrane bound (granum) o inside them are the enzymes that help with photosynthesis used to be cyanobacteria o they are a number of plants that are not photosynthetic ether the ability evolved once and was lost in some or it evolved independently in different species most likely: evolved once and was lost alternation of generations o The haploid spores can grow and undergo meitosis and grow into haploid bodies. some of the cells in the haploid bodies fuse and form diploid cells Sporophyte generation: growth of diploid zygotes (2n) Gametophyte generation: growth of haploid spores (n) Cytokinesis: division of the cell o if there is no cytokinesis there will be a cell with multiple nuclei the vesicles of the golgi combine to make the cell membrane evidence that plants have charophycean ancestry o chloroplast DNA similarities o composition of cellulose walls: the proteins o phragmoplasts during cytokinesis o similarities in genes coding for rRNA and cytoskeleton proteins
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o anti-photorespiration enzymes of perozisomes are found in charophytes and land plants o structural similarities of flagellated sperm between charophytes and land plants with such sperm o many species of charophyte algae inhabit shallow waters
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bioTest_3_notes_(Chapter_29_and_30) - Chapter 29 and 30...

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