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bioTest_3_notes_(Chapter_34) - cartilage(even denser •...

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Chapter 34 – Vertebrates Sea squirt (urochordates) o filter feeders attached to the ground o The immature form is mobile but the adult form is fixed. o The mature form has a noto cord. o Ancestors for all vertebrates. Cephalochordate o More complicated than the urochordate o the adult form is very similar to the immature urochordate changes in regulatory genes does this Hag fish o came later in the focil record o fish like shape o processors of jaws lamprey o from filter feeder to different kind of feeder o had teeth o group of vertebrates that were before fish o beginning of fish Teleosts o most recently evolved group o bony fish o most diverse and common today Sharks, rays, and scates (sp?) o Have cartilage instead of bones o Cartilage is denser than water they will sink if they don’t swim o those with bones need even more energy than those with
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Unformatted text preview: cartilage (even denser) • Lobe-finned fish (coelacanths) o Were originally though to be extinct. o Extinct everywhere else but the east shore of Africa and Indonesia o They “paddle” their fins (same bone structure as rest of the fishes). o Thought to have future that could go on land. original theory was that this transition took place in the tropics o Tetrapods includes human more closely related to coelacanths than any other fish • Bony fish (teleost) o Have dipples that detect changes in pressure. similar to ear drums o Swim blader: a gas bubble used by bony fish to go up in the water without having to swim and use energy • Tiktaalik roseae: fosil that represents the kind of organism that probably fist made it to land o Found in Canada....
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bioTest_3_notes_(Chapter_34) - cartilage(even denser •...

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