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Measures of Central Tendency - Mode -Most frequently occurring score. Median -The number or score that divides a distribution in half. 50% of a distribution's scores will fall above the median, and 0% will fall below the median. Mean -Calculated by summing the set of scores and dividing by "n". The most useful measure of central tendency. Symbols: Sample = x-bar; Population = µ Measures of Variability - Variance -The mean of the squared deviations from the mean of a distribution. Symbols: s 2 =sample variance; r 2 = population variance Standard Deviation - The square root of the variance. Symbols: s = sample standard deviation; σ = population standard deviation. The most useful measure of variability. More interpretable than variance because it’s in the original units of measurement Sampling -We can’t measure every person in a given population that is of interest to us: Pickup truck owners in Texas. All college students in UTSA. All Possible customers for new products. Every patient with a particular disease. This would be too expensive and would take too much
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