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posi study guide ch 3 - Ch. 4: The Legislative Branch...

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Ch. 4: The Legislative Branch Bicameral TX Legislature: Two bodies; House of Representative and Senate Biennial Sessions (regular sessions): Meets regularly once every two years Special (called) Sessions: legislative session of up to 30 days, called by governor during interim bit sessions. Legislative functions (e.g. representation, constitutional amendments, budget and other legislation, redistricting, impeachment, etc.) Term lengths for TX House and Senate members: Representatives–2yrs. Senate–4yrs, no limit on terms, Senate staggered Compensation, including per diem: $139/day for 2007. $7200/yr. =lowest in nation. Pay per day covers room and board and expenses while on state business. Single-member districts: election system for legislative bodies in which each legislator runs from and represents a single district, rather than the entire geographic are encompassed by the government. Redistricting: lines needed to ensure equal representation of citizens, usually happens after the US census. Gerrymandering: drawing redistricting lines to help or hurt either an incumbent or a group of voters Legislative Redistricting Board:
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posi study guide ch 3 - Ch. 4: The Legislative Branch...

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