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posi study guide - Ch 3 Political Parties Interest Groups...

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Ch 3: Political Parties, Interest Groups, and Elections Era of one-party Democratic dominance: 1876-1986, Filled with Feuds. Issues-Free coinage of silver/prohibition 1930s-The great depression, and FDR’s new plan caused a split over economic policy. That resulted in the development of liberal and conservative factions. They constantly battled until the end of the one party era. Democrats (liberal and conservative factions) Republicans (economic and social factions) Party Organization: The party organization includes both a formal (one established in state law) and a functional organization (one which describes how the party actually operates) The temporary party organization, held every 2 years, consist of conventions at the precinct, the county or state senatorial district, and the state levels. Purpose- to select delagates to subsequent party conventions, choose party leaders, and establish party policy. Levels- 1st occurs at precinct level on the 1st Tuesday of march in even numbered years, (holds fewer than 3000 registered voters) Parties conduct primary election to select their nominees for elected public office (governor, state senator, state representative, and county judges). Precinct task is to select delegates to the party’s county convention. County convention is held on
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posi study guide - Ch 3 Political Parties Interest Groups...

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