ant note - 4/29 Characteristics of the world system today 1...

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4/29 Characteristics of the world system today 1. Cultural and ecological interdependence 2. Overriding factor in decision-making: economic, maximization of profit 3. Poverty on the periphery 4. Globalization Globalization -process that promotes global connections: increased number and scope of multinational companies instant communications and rapid travel unequal diffusion of cultural characteristics from one area of the world to another -influx of new forces and rapid internal chance-increased social disorganization Westernization With advent of globalization. ..geographic and cultural boundaries no longer relatively clear cut No longer makes sense (nor easy to) distinguish developed from underdeveloped nations, cores from peripheries, or local cultures from global social processes =reshaping of local conditions by powerful global forces on an ever-intestifying scale: "The intensification of global interconnectedness, suggesting a world full of movement and mixture, contacts and linkages, and persistent cultural interaction and exchange". Consequences for anthropology? Ethnographic understandings incomplete if research confined to single setting must situate anthropological study within global context ex. rise and expansion of the european capitalist economy between 1450-1750 had incorporated vast regions of the world into a system held together by the capitalist market Many parts of world where anthropologists work today were long ago remade to occupy specialized niches within the capitalist world system Anthropological attempts to account for current beliefs and practices of small scale societies
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ant note - 4/29 Characteristics of the world system today 1...

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