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eHarmony Case Assignment How attractive is the on-line personals industry? The online personals industry is relatively attractive. The article informed me that out of 2.2 million marriages that occur in the United States, reportedly 120, 000 occur between people who met on an online personals site which percentage wise is only 5%. However, industry insider’s claim that the marriage rate is much higher than that, they believe that out of 2.2 million marriages 440,000 are initiated by online personals. If the insiders are correct then that means that approximately one-fifth of the marriages that occur in the United States are by the initiation of online personals, which makes this industry extremely attractive because it targets a good portion of consumers. In fact, more people are willing to do online personals because it doesn’t take a lot of effort in finding people, since the website finds the people that are the most compatible to you. As a
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Unformatted text preview: result, finding your significant other becomes faster, easier and time-efficient. As far as profit goes, eHarmony broke-even after their first year of business which illustrates how appealing this industry is. • Consider the four strategic options presented in the case for eHarmony going forward. Which strategy would you recommend to Greg Waldorf, the CEO of eHarmony, and why? In my opinion, I would recommend the 4 th option to Greg Waldorf. Reason-being is that geographic expansion will create more revenue and will make eHarmony globally known. Furthermore, since is eHarmony’s biggest competitor they need to be one-step ahead of them at all times. Even though, U.S. based research for matching people might not be the same as for other countries, by expanding globally they can research other countries which in turn can lead to satisfying customers’ needs in major countries around the world by finding them their spouses....
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