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Unformatted text preview: Honors Calc 1 MAC3472 3203 Exam B Prof. JLF King 13Jul2010 Note. This is an open brain, open HHA, closed book exam. Please fill in the blanks. For B2 show no work. Please write DNE in a blank if the described object does not exist or if the indicated operation cannot be performed. B1: Salt is being dumped, at 10 cubicfeet per minute, from a conveyor belt so as to form a con- ical pile whose base-diameter is always twice its height. Let R denote the speed of increase in its height when the cone is 10 ft high. i Use a full sheet of paper to draw the setup. Derive an equation which relates volume, v , to height, h . Eqn: ......................................... . ii Differentiate your eqn. w.r.t. time so as to relate d d t h and h and d d t v . iii Solving for R yields R = . [ Hint: Units? ] B2: z Sneha introduced a game involving Mafiosi. Circle one: Yes. Ummm. Who is Sneha? a Compute the slope of the tangent to ellipse x 2 9 + y 2 36 = 1 2 at point (1 , 4 √ 2). Slope= ........................
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