jk-checklist - The Checklist Secrets of a Job Well Done...

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Unformatted text preview: The Checklist ( Secrets of a Job Well Done ) Jonathan L.F. King University of Florida, Gainesville FL 32611-2082, USA [email protected] Webpage http://www.math.ufl.edu/ ∼ squash/ 28 September, 2011 (at 01:10 ) Abstract: This is written from the POV of someone taking a team take-home exam. Most points are valid for in-class math essays, as well. A pilot goes through a detailed checklist ( Fuel? Ailerons work? ) before taking off —this helps to prevent crashes. Here is a checklist that you should use for each of the Take- home exams. You, speaking to me I’ve carefully thought about what each of the follow- ing paragraphs mean. I, and each of my team-mates, have checked that the exam we are about to hand-in jibes with the paragraphs below. I understand that if I disagree with a team-mate’s solution, then I can write my own “dissenting opin- ion”, which will be graded separately. ( jk: I’ve never had a student do this, but the opportunity is there. ) Mechanics. Ch 1 I’ve signed the honor code. ( Each team member signs. ) My team has a kept a complete copy ( paper ) of the hand-in, including diagrams. Ch 2 Essays are typed, triple-spaced, so that my prof. can write easily between the lines. Ch 3 My hand-in is assembled as: Problem sheet , Typography sheet ( if needed ) , first essay, second essay,... . My writeup for each essay problem starts on a new sheet of paper. ( I may use both sides of each sheet, or only the front side. ) All pages –including dia- gram pages– are numbered consecutively ( in the upper righthand corner ) as “Page 3 of 23” or P.3/23 . ( The problem sheet is page1. ) Figures are interspersed with the text pages that refer to them, i.e, if FigureA is first referred to on page 3, then the figure should be page2 or page4 or should appear on page3. Ch 4 My hand-in is solidly stapled in such a way that my aging prof. with poor eyesight can easily read everything without taking the writeup apart. ( I pre- fer that the staple be vertical, in the upper lefthand corner. ) Where I have written symbols by hand, they are large and clear. Notation and Mathematics. Ch 5 If I use nota- tion which is different from that used in class, then I have included a Typography sheet explaining it. ( However, notation which is specific to an essay, should be at the beginning of that essay. ) For example, I might write: “We use underbar to indicate subscripts e.g, ‘x 2’ and ‘x { n+1 } ’ for x 2 and x n +1 . Similarly, we use caret to indicate superscripts e.g, ‘xˆ2’ and ‘xˆ { n+1 } ’ for x 2 and x n +1 . Analogously, we use ‘int { a+1 } ˆ { 2b } f(x) dx’ to indicate...
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jk-checklist - The Checklist Secrets of a Job Well Done...

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