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Math-Greek alphabet, as pronouced/written/typeset by J.L.F. King Hello. This shows how my pamphlets ( Prof. King ) typeset the Greek letters, and how I write them on the blackboard. alpha α A beta β B gamma γ Γ My blackboard lowercase-gamma has a loop at the bottom. delta δ Δ Different from , nabla. See Wikipedia Nabla. epsilon ε E Different from , “is an element of” , and 3 , “owns” . zeta ζ Z My blackboard lowercase-zeta, at the bottom, curves all the way back left. eta η H theta θ Θ My blackboard lowercase-theta is closer to ϑ . iota ι I kappa κ K lambda λ Λ mu μ M Pronounced as “me-you” , slurred together —like a cat with an accent. nu ν N Pronounced as “new” . Different from Roman v , and from Greek upsilon υ . xi ξ Ξ I pronounce as in the 2nd syllable of “pixie”. omicron o O Different from 0 , zero. Different from , the empty set. pi
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