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Sets and Logic MHF3202 SeLo-C Prof. JLF King 31Dec2009 C1: Essay, on your own paper, triple-spaced. Please prove: ± ² ³ ´ Thm : There are ly many prime numbers. Start with. . . Proof: FTSOContradiction, suppose p 1 < p 2 < ··· < p k < ··· < p L - 1 < p L * : is a list of all prime numbers. I will now produce a prime q which differs from every member of ( * ), as follows. ( Continue your proof from here. ) Short answer. For (C2) and (C3) , show no work; please fill-in each blank on the problem-sheet. C2: Please write DNE in a blank if the described object does not exist or if the indicated operation cannot be performed. z Prof. King believes that writing in com- plete, coherent sentences is crucial in communicating Mathematics, improves posture, and whitens teeth. ± ² ³ ´ Circle one: True! Yes! wH’at S a?sEnTENcE a Repeating decimal 0 . 1 14 equals n d , where posints n d are n = .............. and
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