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Unformatted text preview: Numbers & Polys MAS3300 Exam-U Prof. JLF King 3Apr2006 Note. This is an open brain, open ( pristine ) SigmonNotes exam, calculator permitted. Please write each of the two es- says on separate sheets of paper , using complete grammatical English sentences. Use every third line . Be sure to write expressions unambiguously e.g, the expression “1 /a + b ” should be bracketed either [1 /a ] + b or 1 / [ a + b ]. Be careful with neg- ative signs! Every “ if ” must be matched by a “ then ”. The S.F. , std form , of a complex number is x + i y with x,y ∈ R . Use P ( S ) to mean “the powerset of S ”. U1: Short answer: Show no work . If a question is not well-defined, then write DNE for Does Not Exist . z The visual representation of the complex plane is sometimes called “the ? plane”, where ? is Circle : Air Ex Jane Argand Krypton Higher The next few questions use these complex numbers: α := 4- 3 i . β := 5 + 2 i . γ := 4- i · 4 √ 3 ....
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