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Joseph Scarabino 9/20/11 HW 1 Problem 1 2. One expert system that would be useful would be for a gas powered grill. Many problems can arise in a grill, especially a large one with several burners. This knowledge may not be known by everyone, but will frequently be used. Equipment maintenance is a mundane task that can be automated. Information that will probably be needed by the system would include: if the propane tank is empty, if all the burners are lit, if you smell gas, if you can hear the igniter. Another expert system that would be, and is, useful is a system to help people do their taxes. Everyone must do their taxes every year, and it is not easy for most. An expert system is very helpful for this task. Information that would be needed would include: income, children, dependents, write offs, etc. 4. I feel that in order to get a feel for whether you are talking to a computer or a human, unrelated questions will not do the trick. I would try to carry on a conversation with it. Humans seem to have an ability to keep a conversation flowing, where a computer could only provide automated responses to a specific question. In this situation, I believe the computer would answer the question and probably sound human, but would then attempt to change the subject. Another strategy would be to draw upon emotions, as a human would be better suited to describe feelings than a machine. Ask about specific emotional events, such as the September 11 attacks, and how it made them feel. In this instance, the computer would probably provide some background information on the event and use adjectives to describe the event instead of reflecting on its own emotions. Problem 2 (should have more detailed work shown –like in Problem 3 solutions ) 2. Every apple is either green or yellow: ∀ x (apple(x) green(x) yellow(x)) No apple is blue: ¬ blue(x)) If an apple is green then it is tasty: ∀ x (apple(x) ∧ green(x) → tasty(x)) Every man likes a tasty apple: ∀ x (man(x) ∃ y (apple(y) ∧ tasty(y) ∧ likes(x,y)))
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