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1 ARTIFICIAL INTELLICENCE CSE352 HOMEWORK 1 SOLUTIONS Book page8, Problem 1 Here is what one of the previous students wrote. I think computer troubleshooting and searching for ore deposits are two expert tasks that might be suitable for an expert system. In computer troubleshooting, computers users are stuck with a problem that prevents them from doing what they want to do with their computers. Sometimes, the problem is common and fairly easier to fix. Other times, it can be a very obscure issue that has a complicated solution. Either way, many people eventually need some help in diagnosing and fixing a computer problem. It would be very useful to automate the task of computer troubleshooting. An expert system would be very methodological in questioning the user about the symptoms of the problem. This would probably lead to a better identification of what the problem really is and the correct solution. Unlike a human expert, an expert system is available all the time. Hence, if a computer problem arises during odd times, help can easily be obtained from the expert system. An expert system for computer troubleshooting would require the key symptoms of many computer problems and the solutions to fix each of these problems. It would also need rules to correctly identify the problem from the given symptoms. In the search for ore deposits, geological data of a certain area is collected to determine if the area is likely to have specific mineral deposits. Automating this task is useful because a lot of analysis is required to process the data to determine the likelihood of ore deposits. A human expert might make mistakes or even show bias to certain areas. However, an expert system is objective. Another reason is the expensive costs of mining operations. Mining the wrong areas would waste a lot of money and resources. This is why it’s important to be objective and meticulous in locating potential ore deposits. Only an expert system can guarantee such qualities. An expert system for searching ore deposits would require the rules on how to interpret geological data and how each value of the data affects the probability of a deposit in a certain area. Here is another student solution. 2. One task that would be well suited for an expert system would be city planning. Given the planning disaster that is Long Island, I would like to see how a computer would place the roads and buildings in the area to maximize population growth and ease traffic. The system would need complete knowledge of the current infrastructure of whatever city it was implemented in, including population statistics, business stats, and traffic flow stats as well as a set of rules for how to place new buildings and roads. Another task I think could be made into an expert system would be building design.
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