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Unformatted text preview: CSE352 Artificial Intelligence Homework 2, Part 2 - 15pts Problem 1 1. Build a Decision Tree following ID3 (without Information Gain) Algorithm for the data set of the 14 records from Lecture L8 slides. The Decision Tree must have a different ROOT than the one in the lecture notes. Can’t use the General Majority Voting. 2. EVALUATE Information Gain on 2 NODES of your tree. You must show work, not a final number; in fact you can write proper formulas for its computation without evaluating (calculator) the numbers. I want to SEE if you understand the formulas. Problem 2 1. Write down all the rules determined by your tree in a predicate form. 2. Evaluate Predicate accuracy of your rules with respect of the lecture L8 test data set. Problem 3 1. Write down your own test data set 6 records that would give 100 % Predicate Accuracy for the lecture set of rules. 2. Write a test data set of 6 records that would give 0% Predicate Accuracy for the lecture set of rules. 1 ...
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