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CSE 352 – Artificial Intelligence – Hw4 - 25pts 1. Find all possible resolvents of A) Δ = { {a, ¬b}, {a, b, c}, {¬a, c}, {¬c, ¬b} } B) Δ = { {a, ¬a, ¬b}, {a, b, c}, {¬a, ¬b, ¬c}, {b} } 2. Use a proper Resolution strategies do decide whether Δ is unsatisfiable or satisfiable. A) Δ = { {a, ¬b}, {¬a, ¬b }, {b, c}, {a, ¬c}, {¬a} } B) Δ = { {a, ¬b}, {¬a, ¬b }, {b, c}, {a, ¬c} }
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