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hmkproject - fill missing values of the attributes with...

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CSE352 PROJECT HOMEWORK (10 extra points) TOOL WEKA Machine Learning Project:// http://www.cs.waikato.ac.nz/ ml/ You can use any other tool you find on the web. Contact TA for help with the tool DATA PREPARATION THIS IS THE DATA YOU WILL USE FOR YOUR PROJECT. Follow the following steps to prepare BAKARY DATA for your Project. 1. Remove attributes that have a large amount of missing data; for example 10%, or any % you decide appropriate. 2. Fill missing data:
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Unformatted text preview: fill missing values of the attributes with missing values that you decide to keep. Use the tool, or compute, for each attribute the average value (within the class) and fill it for missing values. 3. Discretize data: use binning method (3-4 bins), by hand or use the tool. Replace values in the been by appropriate number, or a chosen symbol; color, words, etc. 4. e-mail prepared data to TA. ATTACH explanation of all steps. 1...
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