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Pete Swope Home Work 1 Date Due September 21, 2010 Problem 1. Page 8 #2a One task which may be suitable for an expert system is driving an automobile. Automating the daily task of driving an automobile is a very useful task because human drivers become tired, and often become distracted causing accidents. Automating this task is one that many experts in the field of computer science have tried and (up to this point) failed. It's a difficult task which demands knowledge of local traffic laws, speed limits, weather and construction conditions, also the task requires the ability to react to an ever changing environment. Problem 1. Page 8#2b Another task which may be suitable for an expert system is building architecture. Automating the task of building architecture is very useful because ever growing global population puts ever growing demands on efficient and affordable housing and office space. Building architecture requires knowledge of soil conditions and bed-rock depth, Material properties (such as tensile, compression, and torsional strength, weight per cubic inch, moisture or corrosion resistance, ) of the building materials, expected occupancy, local fire safety laws, etc. An expert building architecture system must also have the ability to incorporate new technologies. Problem 1. Page 8 #4 If I wee a judge in the Loebner contest one question I might ask to determine whether I was communicating with a computer or a human might be, 'What is your favorite song, and why?'. A possible response to this question to this question might be 'I don't really know, this is a subject that I am not very familiar with.'. This is a response that could be given to almost any tricky question and might at first seem like a human response, however if this response is given many times the human will cease to be fooled by it. Problem 2. Page 39 #2 Represent the following in Predicate logic. Key: is_Color(x,y) – x is color y is-Apple(x) – x is an apple is_Tasty(x) – x is Tasty likes (x,y) – x likes y RED denotes incomplete or not correct solutions;! Every apple is either green or yellow
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student2hmksol - Pete Swope Home Work 1 Date Due September...

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