syllabus11 - CSE 352 Artificial Intelligence FALL 2011...

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Unformatted text preview: CSE 352 Artificial Intelligence FALL 2011 Professor Anita Wasilewska cse352 Meets Tuesday, Thursday 2:20 - 3:40pm Place Humanities 3019 Professor Anita Wasilewska e-mail, Office phone number: 632 8458 Office location: Computer Science Department building, office 1428. Office Hours Tue, Th 1:00- 2:00 pm, and by appointment Textbook The Essence of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, Alison Cawsey, Prentice HAll, 1998. This is a short condensed book (not expensive!). Everybody has to buy the book! We will cover in detail first 3 chapters (plus my lecture notes) and chapter 7. But it is your responsibility to read all of the book and refer to its proper chapters in your presentations. Lecture Notes are on the course WEB PAGE. Grading During the semester there will be: 4 homeworks assignments (100pts) - each 25pts. a take- home Final (75pts) examinations covering material covered in class, homeworks and taken from reading assignments; a project (see project description) and project presentaion (40pts); a research presentation given in class. It is a power point formal presentation (85pts); None of the grades will be curved. Final grade computation During the session you can earn 300pts. The grade will be determined in the following way: # of earned points divided by 3 = % grade. The % grade is translated into a letter grade in a standard way i.e. 100- 94 % is A , 93- 90 is A- , 89- 86% is B +, 85- 83 % is B , 82- 80 % is B- , 79- 76 % is C +, 75- 73 % is C , 72- 70 % is C- , 69- 60 % is D range and F is below 60%. RESEARCH PRESENTATION (85pts) Each student has to deliver a a 30- 40 minutes) presen- tation on a chosen topic of AI. You can do it also in a team of two, if needed. In this case a team presentation should last at least 45 minutes. It can be a presentation of a software involving AI techniques, of a product that uses an AI tech- niques, of a research paper, or an overview of an AI subject not covered in the class. It also can be a AI related science fiction book or a movie that are using AI themes and techniques. 1 Search the WEB, look in for the papers, books- anything goes! It has to be YOUR own vision of what you think is interesting in or about AI. Bring what you find interesting and share with us. Students presentations are a VERY IMPORTANT part of the whole course design. You will bring us up date with AI technology, research, implementations, and trends! GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF THE PRESENTATIONS First slide must contain: the title (subject) of your presentation, your name(s), student ID, professor name, course number and the title....
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syllabus11 - CSE 352 Artificial Intelligence FALL 2011...

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