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Shakespeare 1 1/11/12 - Divine right of kings and queens of England: mortal and immortal bodies - Theaters caused huge traffic jams, lots of debris, noise complaints, usually located on outskirts of towns - Torture and violence in Shx’s works was entertainment at the time including: bear- baiting, cock-fighting, hangings, Bedlam - Mortality rate was very high Introduction Notes - Concern with pleasing audiences, not to stand test of time - Coterie publications: manuscripts (poetry, prose, sermons) - Manuscript form was preferred over printing by gentlemen and aristocrats because it was low-brow to let everyone read it, didn’t want to make money because didn’t want to give
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Unformatted text preview: appearance of needing $-Shx dies in 1616, folio published in 1623-Quarto v. folio-Folio is very big book folded in half-Quarto is folded in quarters-Shx based lots of plots on history and personal experience-Shx didn’t have many original ideas, changed existing ones. Respected in Renaissance-Plague rampant 16 th and 17 th , closed theaters to stop spread of contagious, believed to be noxious air-Didn’t want to anger God with lewd behavior (cross-dressing)-People carried good-smelling hankerchiefs to ward off hazardous vapors-Killed dogs and cats, which would have killed rats-People got paid more to live in London...
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