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notes 3 - -Bit between sisters at 2.1-Contrast of character...

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Shakespeare 1 1/18/12 Taming of the Shrew Acts 2&3 - Sumptuary laws - Actors left their stations, which people represented - Plays often censored to prevent satirizing nobility - Biblical reasons opposed cross-dressing - “taming” devices: scolds and bridles/ cucking stool - Frame allows audience to be in on joke against Sly - Provides a look for London audience at what it would be like to have a troupe come to your home - Flag flies when a play is being shown - Balcony, gallery, groundling - Balcony for aristocrats. Not best view, sit there to be seen - Musicians also in balcony - Every single play ended with a jig - Objective of Act 1 sets up entire comedy and Bianca/Lucentio support
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Unformatted text preview: -Bit between sisters at 2.1?-Contrast of character and appearance-Boy actors: gave them charge of the scene-Baptista: money/status focused-Hortensio is absent from bidding on Bianca because he’s being Lucentio-Lucentio pretends to be Cambio and says he’ll woo Bianca for Gremio but woos her himself-Baptista takes care of Bianca and Kate: tutors, dowries, nice weddings, luxury-Not stern, let’s Kate behave as she will-Tranio lies to gain advantage-Must find fake father so he doesn’t get caught-Plays off age contrast-Sexual innuendoes: Gremio is too old for sex...
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