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notes 1 - Media specificity changes content-Creation...

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Film as Literature 1-11-12 - Can there ever be a perfect adaptation? - Adaptation, remediation, narrativity - Novel as high culture, film as low - Seek fidelity between novel and film, which will never happen - Grammar in film is different edits and shots - Novels follow people’s perceptions, film primarily follows a third person’s perspective - Want to see the same things we saw in our heads - Metaphor is different in film because the frame has to be used to show the metaphor - What can we reasonably expect to transfer from one medium to the other? - Grammar of film: 1) muse en scene 2) soundtrack 3) edits - Adaptations shift from a medium that tells you everything to one that shows you everything - Transposition: kind of translating - Form/content division - Altering the form while trying to stay true to the content (slightly paradoxical)
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Unformatted text preview: Media specificity- changes content-Creation: reinterpretation, recreation of stylistic things-Perception: necessarily dealing with novel and film at same time-Desire for repetition (fidelity) is matched by our desire for change (to be surprised)-Can a story exist independently of its medium?-Some elements probably can while some probably can’t-Transmedia- stories lend themselves very well to different mediums-(Re)mediation: mediating something in a different format: immediacy (virtual reality, immersion, disappearance of the interface) and hypermediacy: emphasis on agency, more about interaction, like to see our ability to change things-Narrative condenses or encodes our experiences very densely (big experience, not lots of text)-Somewhat universal, transfer well-Central to human experience...
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notes 1 - Media specificity changes content-Creation...

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