c. elegans lab write up

c. elegans lab write up - Kayla Murphy Biology 1104 Tuesday...

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Kayla Murphy Biology 1104- Tuesday, 2:30 Instructor: Matthew Ferguson Group Members: Kristin Hassey Fall 2010
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Background Caenorhabditis elegans, or C. elegans, are nematodes commonly used in the scientific research community. They are simple enough to be studied in great detail, while remaining cost effective for the research institutions. C. elegans have been called the “ideal organism for the study of gene regulation and function” for several reasons (Waksman Student Scholars). First and foremost, C. elegans are eukaryotes. This means that their molecular and cellular structures are very similar to those of higher organisms. They go through many of the same complex processes as other eukaryotes, such as sexual reproduction. By choosing to conduct experiments using C. elegans, much of the biological information we learn from those studies can also be applied to humans and similar complex organisms. It is also very important that the C. elegan genome is very small and has been completely sequenced. Therefore manipulating the genome by adding or removing certain genes, or making changes to existing ones is relatively easy. Finally, C. elegans require minimal upkeep and are easy to maintain within a petri dish. The study done was designed to discover if the uncoordinated mutation was an autosomal or sex-linked mutation, and if it was sex-linked the experiment was designed to determine if the mutation was dominant or recessive. Autosomal genes can be expressed on any chromosome an organism has, while sex-linked genes are limited to one chromosome and can
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c. elegans lab write up - Kayla Murphy Biology 1104 Tuesday...

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