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ees 1000 writing assignment 2 - joints Joints are a series...

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Kayla Murphy EES 1000/1001 Writing Assignment 2 8.1.11 How the Innsbruck Terrain Formed A number of mountain building and erosion processes have contributed to the formation of the Alpine mountains surrounding Innsbruck. One of the major processes is the convergence of the continental plate of Africa with the continental plate of Europe. The African plate pushes up from the south and forces the crust to move upwards, creating mountains. Another major process which creates the terrain of Innsbruck is the presence of a number of glaciers. The glacier which melts to form the River Inn flows down the mountain at a fairly rapid place, eroding the side of the mountain as it goes. The flow of this river downward creates the U-shaped valley that we see in Innsbruck. This mechanical erosion can abrade rocks and transport sediment and minerals far downstream, as seen by the milky color of the river. Similarly, as the glacier freezes and melts seasonally, the frozen water can expand and create
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Unformatted text preview: joints. Joints are a series of parallel fractures in the mountain which can alter the terrain. As the glacier freezes and thaws, it’s deposition of sediment, rocks, and minerals creates morrains. Morrains are large piles of deposited materials which prevent a river or stream from flowing in a particular direction. These morrains can vastly alter the terrain of an area. Mass wasting events can also alter the terrain of an area. For example, a rockslide or mudslide can create new depositions of material, altering the local geological landscape. In Innsbruck, we see evidence of such events due to the protective barriers located at the top of the mountain. During the last ice age, the sheet of ice which covered Innsbruck can be seen in the shapes of the mountains. Rounded mountains were covered with ice, while jagged ones remained above the surface and exposed to erosional elements....
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ees 1000 writing assignment 2 - joints Joints are a series...

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